Adobe Prelude CS6 | P2 Ingest Speed Test

I recently bought a used Panasonic HVX200, and found myself faced with the issues that most people have when first beginning a P2 workflow. Namely, slow ingest speeds and limited storage space (currently have two 16GB P2 cards).

Now that I have moved almost entirely to a tapeless workflow, I was naturally very excited when I heard that Adobe was now including in the Production Premium, an application specifically designed for file-based media.

Being a P2 Viewer / P2CMS user, I wanted to compare the performance of these two free applications, with that of Adobe Prelude, so I shot a brief clip and ingested it through each application to see which performed most quickly.

Clip Length: 01:05;15
Settings: 1080i/23.97p
Codec: DVCProHD
File Size: 968.6 MB

Test 1 – Firewire (HVX200 to Mac Snow Leopard)

Copy & Paste: 00:01:45
P2CMS ingest: 00:01:50
Adobe Prelude: 00:01:36

Test 2 – USB (HVX200 to Windows Vista 64bit)

Copy & Paste: 00:01:20
P2 Viewer: 00:00:35
Adobe Prelude: 00:00:38


2 responses to “Adobe Prelude CS6 | P2 Ingest Speed Test

  1. What about Disk Utility? Have you tried just creating a full disk image and then editing that directly in PPro CS6? I’m ingesting two 64GB that’s way right now – I’ll have to post again on the results.

  2. No, I haven’t tried that yet. Would love to hear back about your results when you test that method!

    Just recently got ahold of an older Toshiba laptop with PCMCIA slot, so I will have to do some experiments with that as well.

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